Everybody in Our Family
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    Everybody in Our Family

    Toată Lumea din Familia Noastră

    Directed by



    107 min

    • Romanian

    Comedy drama

    There’s no way around it: modern man reacts to stress much like his stone-age forefathers, his physical chemistry deciding within seconds on fight or flight. Aside from the morning hangover, his parents, the battle with nicotine and car problems, Marius Vizereanu’s greatest stress factor is the imminent visit to the blended family where his young daughter Sofia lives with her grandmother, mother and her new boyfriend Aurel. Marius is an onlooker there at best, but today he wants to pick up Sofia to take her on a seaside outing.


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    • FIPRESCI Prize - Miskolc IFF
    • Best Director, Audience Award - BucharEST IFF
    • Romanian Days Award For Feature Film - Transilvania IFF
    • Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Film - Sarajevo FF
    • Bayard d'Or for Best Film & for Best Actor (Serban Pavlu) - FIFF Namur
    • Janine Bazin Prize, Audience Award for long feature - Belfort IFF



    Gabriel Spahiu
    Mihaela Sirbu
    Serban Pavlu
    Sofia Nicolaescu
    Tamara Buciuceanu Botez
    Corina Sabău
    Radu Jude
    Andrei Butică
    Cătălin F. Cristutiu

    Director's Statement

    The idea behind this project is not only our desire to tell a story about a divorce, about the pain and sorrow and absurdity of such a situation, although technically speaking the film will be a comedy-drama about divorced father. That would be enough in order to make a film, especially since in the history of the Romanian cinema there is not even one single film to deal honestly with this theme issue, but our purpose is slightly different: we are first of all interested in analyzing, with the tools of cinema, the mechanisms of desperation and of the communication loss, so that the divorce and its problems will provide only the background for this study. The idea is, then, to explore without any judgmental attitude how desperation works and to find the consequences of this state of mind. Secondly, the film will depict the way in which the communication gets lost between a father and his daughter. What is interesting here, in our opinion, is not to show these two persons already unable to communicate properly, but to try to understand and to show the very beginning of this complex process. The style of the film will be very simple, very close to a documentary, with the main focus on the exploration of the story and of the characters.



    Tense to the point of exhaustion, brilliantly shot to evoke a real time effect, and filled with immersive long takes and naturalistic performances

    Eric Kohn, IndieWire

    ... one of the most refreshing East-European pieces of cinema produced in the past two years

    Michaela Pňačeková, Nisimazine

    Radu Jude

    Radu Jude


    I think that cinema has this quality, to see things from a certain distance, a quality which can offer to a viewer the possibility of looking at something told in an objective way and to form his/her own opinion

    Radu Jude is a Romanian director and screenwriter. He studied filmmaking in Bucharest and started his career as an assistant director. In 2006, he made the short film THE TUBE WITH THE HAT, winner of more than 50 international awards. Jude's feature debut THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (2009) was selected for more than 50 international film festivals. Titles such as AFERIM, SCARRED HEARTS and EVERYBODY IN OUR FAMILY followed and won multiple awards: Silver Bear for Best Director in Berlinale 2015, Special Jury Prize in Locarno 2016 and an EFA nomination for Best Scriptwriter. The international premiere of THE DEAD NATION in Locarno 2017 marked his debut in documentary film. His feature I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS (2018) won the Crystal Globe for Best Film and Label Europa Cinema Prize in Karlovy Vary. Recent films are UPPERCASE PRINT (2020) and THE EXIT OF THE TRAINS (2020). His latest is BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN (2021) was selected at Berlinale.

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