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    94 min

    • Mandarin

    Drama, Romance

    When love reveals itself, it also sheds light on our petty life and makes it seem worth living. Ling is a middle-aged woman who just lost her job. Facing an empty nest, with her husband also working away from home, she found the change of life approaching silently.
    During the long period she took care of her mother-in-law in hospital, she found a man seriously injured and in coma sharing the same ward. He kept moaning in pain and unconsciously. Ling tried to be nice and fed him some water, but accidentally spilt it all over. She quickly grabbed some cloth to wide it off, and as she did so, she suddenly noticed the painful moan faded.
    The encounter between the two opened a back door from the banality of Ling’s middle-age life, a back door leading to something deep and private...


    • Best Narrative Feature, Best Actress (Chen Shiang-chyi) - Taipei FF
    • International Jury Grand Prix, Critic's Prize - FI de Cinémas d'Asie de Vesoul



    Chen Shiang-Chyi

    Director's Statement

    One day I saw an middle-aged woman on a bus, her body bended with no sparkles in her eyes. Her twinkles on the neck appeal her age. She seemed to be lonely and loveless for a long time. I wonder if her clothes on her body were the same as five years ago, and not to mention her shoes... But she was definitely a beauty twenty five years ago. How could she break free from that dying shell? In the very moment, I decided to make the story.



    Chen Shiang-chyi gives an outstanding performance.

    Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

    Chienn  Hsiang

    Chienn Hsiang


    Chienn Hsiang is a renowned name in the Taiwanese Film Industry as a cinematographer. Hsiang, who always played the unknown hero and the eye of many Taiwan films, has finished his first feature EXIT. Working with famous directors like Chen Yu-Hsun (ZONE PRO SITE), Chang Ai-Chia (20 30 40), Yee Chin-Yen (BLUE GATE CROSSING), he had shown his significant effects to public on those films. His latest work as a cinematographer is ZONE PRO SITE, the biggest blockbuster in Taiwan for the year 2013. In 2011, his first TV film RANGER was nominated for Taipei Awards, after his Short Film THE MONAD in 2012. His first feature EXIT is set to release in Taiwan in early spring 2014.