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Expectant (Expectante)

Directed by Farid Rodriguez Rivero

  • Peru, Portugal 2018; 77 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Mystery, Fiction


If we look up the word expectante in a Spanish-English dictionary, we learn it is an adjective which can be translated as “expecting” or “biding one's time”. It is no accident this single-word title belongs to an disconcerting Peruvian film which takes its audience to a darkened city where a group of friends is spending an evening of leisure. Even though the neighborhood they live in is a relatively safe one, their locked doors and gates provide no more than an illusion of safety, which is a thought applicable world wide. The distant black-and-white camera through which the audience observes the plot seems to be biding its time for a chance to attack.



    Farid Rodriguez Rivero