Fabian - Going to the Dogs
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    Fabian - Going to the Dogs

    Fabian oder Der Gang vor die Hunde

    Directed by



    176 min

    • German


    Berlin, 1931. Jakob Fabian works in the advertising department of a cigarette factory during the day and drifts through bars, brothels and artist studios with his wealthy friend Labude at night. When Fabian gets to know the self-confident Cornelia, he manages to shed his pessimistic attitude for a brief moment. He falls in love. But then he too falls victim to the great wave of layoffs, while Cornelia makes a career as an actress thanks to her boss and admirer. An arrangement that Fabian finds difficult to come to terms with. But it's not just his world that is falling apart...



    Tom Schilling
    Saskia Rosendahl
    Albrecht Schuch
    Constantin Lieb
    Dominik Graf
    Hanno Lentz
    Claudia Wolscht
    Sven Rossenbach
    Florian van Volxem


    Expansive and clever, frequently exhausting, and, more often than not, thrilling to experience.

    MUBI Notebook

    Fabian could be one of those rare contemporary German films to make a significant mark on a wider stage. As the redeemed idealist who retains his integrity as the world falls apart, Schilling combines intensity and a lightness of touch, together with the candour that marked his lead in 2012 comedy-drama hit Oh Boy. And Rosendahl gives Cornelia a mercurial, alert, sometimes perplexing energy that shows her character as, from the start, every bit the actress she aspires to be.

    Screen International

    This adaptation of Erich Kastner’s now classic 1931 novel marks a stylistically daring attempt to capture the zeitgeist by director Dominik Graf, who returns to Berlin competition. Schilling [plays] an engaging, complex Fabian.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Schilling and Rosendahl, anchoring the emotional pull with projections of warmth and sincerity so appealing that Fabian’s initial cynicism is saved from feeling off-putting.


    “Fabian” is fascinating aesthetically because it unfolds like avant-garde jazz (…) Graf makes “Going to the Dogs” an unpredictable visual experience.


    Dominik Graf

    Dominik Graf


    Born in Munich on September 6, 1952, he studied in the Film Department of the University of Television and Film Munich from 1974 to 1980. He made his first film, DER KOSTBARE GAST in 1978. Since then, Dominik Graf has made more than fifty films for cinema and television. In addition to working as a director and writer, he is also a professor for feature film directing at the International Filmschule Köln (ifs). His latest work is the film FABIAN GOING TO THE DOGS (2021) which was selected at Berlinale 2021.