Fake Tattoos
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    Fake Tattoos

    Les faux tatouages

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    87 min

    • French


    Mag immediately notices Théo’s fake tattoo, while waiting to order at a bar counter after a punk concert. Mag’s confident manner intimidates the introverted rocker, yet she lures him out of his shell and invites him to spend the night with her. It is Théo’s 18th birthday and his encounter with Mag, is as fateful as it is ill-timed. In two weeks’ time, he is moving to his sister’s place, a four-hour drive away. According to Mag their relationship has a ‘use-by date’. The little time they have is enough for her to notice that something is burdening Théo


    • Focus Québec / Canada Grand Prize - FNC Montréal


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    Anthony Therrien
    Rose-Marie Perreault
    Lysandre Nadeau
    Brigitte Poupart
    Nicole-Sylvie Lagarde
    Léona Rousseau
    Pascal Plante
    Vincent Allard
    Pascal Plante


    Plante focuses on his two characters and the spontaneity of their growing love. Featuring several beautiful moments, humor and natural, this is a sweet chronicle of urban youth.

    Charles-Henri Ramond, Films Quebec

    Plante allows the viewer to piece together the lead’s wounded backstory through uneasy interactions, allusions and insinuations.

    Ben Croll, Screen Daily

    Pascal Plante’s own distinct vision of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise.

    Andrew Crump , The Playlist

    A tender, moving ode to love blooming in disenfranchised youth.

    Andrew Crump, The Playlist

    Simply rocks… A rare arthouse buzz title for the generation it so accurately portrays.

    Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

    Captures the zeitgeist with an understated take on young love.

    Etan Vlessing, The Hollywood Reporter

    Pascal Plante

    Pascal Plante


    Winner of the Mel Hoppenheim Award as a Concordia University student, Pascal Plante is now pursuing his filmmaking career as part of Nemesis Films, a production company that he co-founded. Considering himself as a fiction filmmaker with documentarian tendencies, Pascal has directed numerous short films, including SHITTY DRUM! (Slamdance, 2015), BLUE-EYED BLONDE (best Canadian short film, VIFF 2015) and NONNA (Slamdance, 2016). On top of his filmmaking career, Pascal expresses his love of cinema through the podcast Point de Vues, currently at 175 episodes and counting. Pascal recently completed his first narrative feature, a punk romance entitled FAKE TATTOOS (Berlinale, 2018). His short BLAST BEAT (2018) had its premiere at the Festival de nouveau cinéma Montreal. His latest work is the feature fiction film NADIA, BUTTERFLY (2020).

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