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Falling (Strimholov)

Directed by Marina Stepanska

  • Ukraine 2017; 105 min
  • Original version: Ukrainian, English
  • Genre: Drama
    • Audience Award Jeanne Moreau - Premiers Plans FF


A fragile love story between a boy and a girl in today's post-revolutionary Ukraine. Anton, a former enfant prodige composer who couldn’t handle his obsession with music, returns to Ukraine after a long period in rehab for drugs and alcohol. Katia, an ordinary girl living on the outskirts of Kyiv, is planning to move to Berlin with her boyfriend, a German photographer. Two bewildered, lost young people who meet at a crucial point in their lives for a few days of happiness together in a shattered society in search of a new national identity.

Director's Statement

A story about love that happened to small people in times of big change in the country. It ’s not the plot that matters in this story, but rather the emergence of a world (consisting mainly of “life intervals”, pauses and reactions to the events) inside another world (the objective on e) and its subsequent collapse. It is an attempt to capture a certain truth about life that is impossible to retell, that often lurks in the ordinary, the unconscious “here and now” and only gets reveal ed in unexpected conjunctions of things, unlinkable at first sight, or through distancing from the subject. The external world is absurd, it consists of incompatible things and communication breakdowns, whereas the internal world, the world of love between these two “unheroic characters” is harmonic, it allows for communication to happen on all levels. It is also a story about the impossibility of such love in the long term and the imminence of treason that leads to the death of one of the characters. The subplot of the film is also the story of a man betraying his gift: it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the name of a duty, survival and out of cowardice – in any case it means death on a certain level.






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