Falling Star

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Falling Star (Stella Cadente)

Directed by Lluís Miñarro

  • Spain 2014; 111 min
  • Original version: Catalan, Spanish
  • Genre: Period drama
    • Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design - Gaudí Awards


The film talks about the difficulty of establishing beauty and about the futility of power.
November 1870. Spanish Courts elects with 191 votes Amadeo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta, as the King of Spain.
January 1871. Amadeo of Savoy arrives in Madrid. General Prim his protector is assassinated.
The reign of Amadeo of Savoy will be short. Barely three years. His walk through History, will be obscure and unknown. The film is set between the end of Romanticism and the beginning of Modernity. A convulsive period in Europe and especially in Spain - and a reflection on the present days.

Director's Statement

A free and delirious film that defends the need of joy in life. A game with the viewer in which nothing is what it seems. An ironic look on the aesthetical values of the 70's, "when we were so happy".



    Eddie Saeta 

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