Father Figure

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    Father Figure

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    25 min

    • Dutch


    What does it mean to be young, black and gay in today’s world? Guilliano is the founding father of The Kiki House of Angels, a vogue dance community in Rotterdam. Most of its members are young black gay men who experience racism and marginalization in everyday life. This filmic, poetic collage expresses their personal stories by combining verité scenes with vogue dance sequences, graphic interludes and intimate interviews.



    Gregg Telussa
    Fatih Tura
    Bibi Fadlalla

    Bibi Fadlalla


    Bibi Fadlalla is a filmmaker who grew up in the Hague, the Netherlands. Her debut film, the documentary BLACK PETE & I was first broadcast on Dutch television in 2012. At the height of the national controversy surrounding Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands, the film aired again in 2013. Her pitch for the youth documentary THAT HAIR! (2016) won at The Innoversity Parade conference, and was selected for the Netherlands Film Festival in 2017. She developed the plan for the musical documentary KENDIS (2017) in the Kids & Docs workshop, a collaboration between IDFA, Cinekid, and the NPO Fund. The film premiered at Cinekid 2017 and was selected for IDFA’s Kids & Docs competition, TIFF Kids & St.Louis Children's Film Festival amongst others. Her latest documentary FATHER FIGURE (2019) premiered at Cinedans and Sheffield Doc Fest. Besides her documentary work, Bibi is also working on fiction projects and does commissioned work for cultural institutions.