Film Adventure

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Film Adventure

Directed by Lee Sang-deok

  • South Korea 2019; 86 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Korean Fantasic Film, Korean Fantastic Best Actor (Hyunchul Cho) - BIFAN


An actor Young-hwa lives happily with his lover Ah-yun and cat Theo. But, Young-hwa feels like something is blocked from acting and life. He fights against Ah-hyun and gets kicked out of the house. And, whether by accident or fate, he meets three acquaintances during the day. A strange day in which the present and the memories he had overlap. Who is the young-hwa thinking of now?

Director's Statement

People are certainly losing their present. Of course, sometimes you miss a lot. Let's just focus on the moment we don't come back. I can think about something that is precious to me now.




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    Youngin Lee