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Directed by Sergio Caballero

  • Spain 2010; 80 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Fantasy
    • Tiger Award, IFF Rotterdam

  • From the director of LA DISTANCIA presented at Cinemart

  • From the director of BAT, BUTTERFLY, MOTH. presented at CineMart


FINISTERRAE tells the story of two ghosts who are tired of living in the land of shadows, and decide to walk the Santiago Pilgrim Way until the end of the world, and once there, to begin a mortal earthly life in the land of the living.
It is an introspective journey through inhospitable landscapes, during which they meet strange beings, wild animals and surreal characters. They must deal with unexpected situations, face their own tensions and consider the doubts arising from the fact that they are ghosts.

Director's Statement

FINISTERRAE is no normal film. The conception of the film is highly unusual, with an approach that is based on filming and obtaining the images first, and then creating the script afterwards, before finally adding the dialogues.
This process has enabled the director, Sergio Caballero, to experiment with the classic structure of a “road movie” and to have the freedom to work provided by the lack of a fixed script.
The result is strange and enigmatic cinema, steeped in an atmosphere that is all its own, which is full of unusually expressive images and an ironic and surreal sense of humour.



    Eddie Saeta 

International Sales


    Guido Rud