First Night

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    First Night

    Prima Noapte

    Directed by

    Romania, Germany


    17 min

    • Romanian


    Alex, a rather introverted teenager whose parents are divorced, is about to turn 16 and his father, Călin, prepared a special surprise for him: a night with a young prostitute who’s supposed to take his virginity. Surprised and uncomfortable with the idea, the young boy tries to decline the “present”, but his quick-tempered father bullies him into taking the prostitute to the bedroom. Despite the girl’s efforts, Alex, tense and stressed by the idea that he might disappoint his father, is not able to get an erection. As time passes, he gets more and more frustrated, and when the girl decides to give up and leave, he becomes violent. What was meant to be his first “night of love” quickly turns into a disaster.


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    Alfredo Minea
    Cristiana Luca
    Mimi Brănescu
    Elvira Deatcu
    Andrei Tănase
    Barbu Bălăşoiu
    Andrei Bălăşoiu

    Director's Statement

    First night is a short drama with a few comical highlights, telling the story of Alex, a 16 year old teenager who is basically forced into having his first sexual encounter with a woman by his father, Călin, who brings him a young prostitute as a birthday gift. The psychological pressure created by a domineering, narrow minded parent and the presence of the girl trigger a series of events that have nothing to do with a “night of love”.

    It’s a coming-of-age story, focused on a rather brutal introduction to adulthood – a world in which lying and struggling to keep up appearances are way too common. Călin’s final line – “You’re a man now!” – works as a bitter, ironic conclusion: during his encounter with the young prostitute, Alex took a big step towards being a “man”, but not by losing his virginity, as his simpleminded father thinks, but by confronting radical situations which demanded equally radical decisions.

    Furthermore, the films aims to be an authentic, lucid and honest study of a crucial episode in a young teenage boy’s life: the first sexual contact, a subject rarely tackled in a thorough, profound way. The portrayal of the dysfunctional relationship between Alex, a rather timid, introverted young man and Călin, his quick-tempered, misjudging, “bully” father encourages a critical meditation on how a parent’s good intentions can lead to emotional scars for children who are going through a difficult age, when every experience is perceived at a much higher intensity. Themes like tolerance, the lack of effort in trying to accept the others as they are and the preconceptions in defining the notion of “man” in our society, are brought in question in the story’s subtext.

    Andrei Tănase

    Andrei Tănase


    After graduating from the National Film School of Bucharest (UNATC), Andrei Tănase worked as a writer-director for a couple of television shows, then focused on his personal film projects. His short, FIRST NIGHT, was selected for the 2016 Venice Film Festival and received several awards all around the world. He is a TFL FeatureLab projects Participant in 2019.

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