Fix Me
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    Fix Me

    Directed by

    Palestine, France, Switzerland


    98 min

    • Arabic


    From the director of GHOST HUNTING presented at Dubai Film Connection

    Inspired by his own psychological excavations, Andoni develops the concept to apply to modern-day Palestine, a project that inspires this witty, personal and compelling film. Featuring a colorful array of characters, including members of the director's own family, Andoni explores the individual memories of Palestinians, whose life experiences have been shaped by military occupation, oppression of the people and continuous erosion of citizens' rights. In a place so dominated by collective consciousness and identity, finding individuality becomes the focus of this fascinating - and moving - study.



    Raed Andoni
    Dr Nasri Qumsia
    Fathi Flefel
    Yousra Andoni
    Majd Andoni
    Issam Andoni
    Jihan Isaac-Andoni
    Rand Andoni
    Ramez Andoni
    Ghassan Andoni
    Mohsen Subhi
    Graham Davis
    Bruce Inglis
    Joshua Talbot
    Mofed Awwad
    Omar Dabbor
    Ahmad Sajadiya
    Nasser El Horani
    Ragheda Andoni-Isaac
    Shawki Abu
    Farha Bassem
    Al Ajouz
    Raed Andoni
    Filip Zumbrunn
    Aldo Mugnier
    Tina Baz
    Saed Andoni
    Erik Rug
    Raed Andoni

    Raed Andoni


    Film-maker Raed Andoni started working in cinema 15 years ago, as an independent producer and co-founder of the leading Palestinian production company, Dar Films. He has produced and secured international distribution for a number of award-winning documentaries by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, Rashid Masharawi and Nizar Hassan amongst others. He is also the artistic producer of the collective documentary FAMILY ALBUMS (2012). His first documentary IMPROVISATION (2005), produced in association with ARTE was a great success at festivals. Andoni’s first feature FIX ME (2009) premiered in Sundance and Cannes before its release in European theatres. It won several prizes around the world, most recently the SCAM award for “best documentary of the year”.

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