Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere

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Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere (Dap canh giua khong trung)

Directed by Diep Hoang Nguyen

  • Vietnam, France, Germany, Norway 2014; 99 min
  • Original version: Vietnamese
  • Genre: Drama
    • FEDEORA Award for Best Film - Venice IFF
    • Best Director - IFF Bratislava
    • Special Jury Mention, Ecumenial Jury Award, Youth Jury Award - Fribourg IFF


A teenage girl gets knocked-up, she has to work as a prostitute to have money for the abortion since the young father of the baby is useless. Ironically, the only man willing to give her money is crazy about her pregnant belly. It gets more complicated when he makes her so happy that sometimes she forgets that the baby is growing bigger inside her.

Director's Statement

At some point, in a quick moment in my life, I find myself observing the innocent face, and the bodies of adolescent people. And in such flashes, I also imagine them growing up, falling in love, maturing Huyen is living a normal life in rhythm with her times. Huyen is in love with Tung, a never-do-well boy with a spitting skill. She hasn't determined to stay with the relationship for a long term. Huyen gets pregnant, and both she and Tung want an abortion, rather casually and calmly. Huyen finds way to make money to pay for the abortion and the money comes from a man who actually likes her swelling stomach. Huyen hesitates, and the film rests on the hesitancy of a young and lonely pregnant woman. This idea came to me naturally, as I have read about and observed too many young pregnant women, and about the solutions they choose. For themselves, for the fetuses, and for their future. The sexual obsession and the bodily desires from the purest moments of love, moments of the most innocent emotions, stay with us for the longest. Sometimes we don't even recognize them until we meet a total stranger, and realize it's the stranger who holds the key to the desires we keep hidden for many years. Only when that key is pushed deep into our emotional lock can we understand how much we crave that liberation. But instead of happiness, we feel doubts. We are anxious in our fears.










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