Flashback Memories 3D

Not available for screening anymore

Flashback Memories 3D

Directed by Tetsuaki Matsue

  • Japan 2012; 72 min
  • Original version: Japanese
  • Genre: Drama
    • Netpac Prize - Jeonju IFF
    • Audience Award - Tokyo IFF


Didgeridoo performer GOMA developed higher brain dysfunction as the result of an expressway accident. While looking back on his rehabilitation and recovery with his family's help, animation recreates his “flashbacks” - incongruous images that suddenly appear in his brain. This completely new style of 3D movie that blends past footage, flashbacks, and studio performances is also emphatically a story of familial love.

Director's Statement

Documentary can only record the present, making it decidedly different from dramatic film. Goma has lost much of his past due to his accident, and has difficulty maintaining recent memories. He cannot even remember the shooting of this film. Using documentary techniques to film his current life was a given, but I also had to portray his lost past as his present. It was therefore necessary to use 3D as a means of personal expression, and to interpret solidity and depth as layers. I don't know if this film qualifies as a documentary, but it's unmistakably a film that came about through meeting Goma.