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Flying Pigs (Skrzydlate Świnie)

Directed by Anna Kazejak

  • Poland 2010; 99 min
  • Original version: Polish, Swedish
  • Genre: Adventure, Action

  • From the director of HER/HIS presented at When East Meets West


FLYING PIGS is a movie about passion, honour and living life to it's fullest. The stake of the real game is love...
When one day, a local football club ceases to exist, the life of four main heroes is turned upside down. Oskar (Paweł Małaszyński) is forced to put on a suit and accept a job offer from the Boss (Cezary Pazura) of a local company, which has decided to launch a new football club. Oskar's new job will get him into a lot of trouble. This includes getting naked in the middle of a town square, breaking up with his fiancé, developing a relationship with his brother's girlfriend, and, to a total surprise… becoming a superhero.



    Michal Kwieciuski