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    Germany, Switzerland


    60 min

    • German


    DOK.Fest Munich Forum dokKa KarlsruheFF Locarno - Panorama SuisseTaiwan IDFF - Official competition

    A station in thick fog, tracks that disappear into the white mists and a figure, waiting. In between patches of mist a fox appears, looking for a scent in the wind. And then: bluster, shimmer, silence. And more fog. Views of nature merge with brief encounters. People living in their own worlds: an astronomer who, looking to the sky, would welcome the idea that we might not be alone in the universe. A musician hoping to meet the right woman one day. And a stableman for whom the world has always turned a little too fast. All are driven by their quiet longing to make contact, to not feel alone, to gaze into openness. Far from providing explanations, the film tries to help us perceive our inner hum, reaching out for an emptiness that cannot be grasped. In the end a clear view. the fox runs off, and we remain alone.


    • Special Mention, FGYO-Award Dialogue en perspective - Berlinale Perspektive Deutsches Kino
    • Best Feature Documentary, Best Cinematography - Sehsüchte IFF
    • Biberstein Gusmão Award - Porto/Post/Doc FF



    Nicole Vögele
    Elsa Kremser
    Stefan Sick
    Hannes Bruun
    John Gürtler

    Director's Statement

    The Swiss midlands are my home - and sometimes I feel the fog is at home there, too. There is something that connects us. But what?
    Making this film I wanted to look into that. So we go out filming. Go out after the fog. After the weather and the wind.
    On the way we encounter different people. Sometimes we feel like lingering for a while. We linger because the little moments we capture resonate with a feeling inside us.
    To me, many of the pictures we find seem to pose a question: "De we live as we dream - alone?". They are moments of feeling lost, the idle states and insignificances that make up our lives. Places out of time and mind in which we might feel we are at home.
    From these inconsistent parts we weave a film. A film following no agenda, but instead relying on colours, feelings, animals, the wind, the sky. And after some time I realized more and more what this is about: something that everybody knows but which resonates differently with each of us, something I could never put to words. I would call it an inner hum.



    Far from obstructing our view, Fog is that which positively opens it - the camera is like the strange gaze of a creature, an animal - assuring us of the future of life itself.

    Danny Gronmaier,

    The jury was enchanted by the poetic power of its images and the extraordinary sensory experience provided by them.

    Berlinale FGYO Jury, Berlinale

    Sound, image and idea form an intricate whole - becoming a creative form of torture that rewards its audience with a stunning view - an entertaining and surprising family constellation of fog.

    Franziska Schröter, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

    Nicole Vögele

    Nicole Vögele


    I am trying to create a space where all those things we don’t know about being human may echo. My aim is not to provide answers with my films, but rather allow the viewer to delve into a sea of questions, thoughts and emotions.

    Nicole Vögele was born in 1983 in Gretzenbach (Switzerland). In 2002 she got her first job at the Swiss National Television. Over the last 15 years she has been working as a journalist and reporter for several programs. At Swiss TV she started making documentaries. In 2010 Vögele enrolled at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy studying documentary filmmaking. Her first short MRS. LOOSLI was awarded at Visions du Réel in 2013. Her second short INTO THE INNARDS, an experimental mountain essay, has been screened at DOK Leipzig the same year. In 2014 she finished FOG which premiered at Berlinale where it received an honorable mention. The experimental documentary was shown at numerous festivals such as Visions du Réel, Locarno, Festival dei Popoli, DocBuenos Aires. In 2018 Vögele’s first feature length film CLOSING TIME premiered in the Cineasti del Presente competition at Locarno Film Festival where it received the Special Jury Prize and the Cinelab Award.

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