For Some Inexplicable Reason

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    For Some Inexplicable Reason

    VAN (valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan)

    Directed by



    96 min

    • Hungarian

    Comedy drama

    Karlovy Vary IFF

    Áron stands in his life as an average 29 years old weirdo. He has many contemporary complexes, a fresh university degree, and an up-to-date broke up. His parents have to support him financially as he is still a job seeker and while Áron is agonizing on his lost love, he is always interrupted by something; it seems like he’s not the main character in his life. "For some inexplicable reason” is an unconventional coming of age story, about the unbearable lightness of being a youngster, with an exact glimpse about the city in which Áron lives in: Budapest.


    • Jury Special Mention - Torino FF
    • Best Director - Sofia IFF
    • Grand Prix - Voices FF



    Áron Ferenczik
    Katalin Takács
    Zsolt Kovács
    Zalán Makranczi
    Erika Kapronczai
    Gábor Reisz
    Gábor Reisz
    Zsófia Tálas
    Lóránt Csorba
    Gábor Reisz


    A satisfying work that refreshingly differs from most recent Hungarian outputs

    Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa

    A light-footed but sure-handedly executed comedy

    Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa

    Gábor Reisz

    Gábor Reisz


    I’m lucky because I can make movies. I have always wanted to make someone’s heart skip a beat by expressing the inexpressible. Only now, I can strive for that as a film director.

    Gábor Reisz (Budapest, 19 January 1980) Hungarian filmmaker graduated from the University of Physical Education (Budapest) in 2003, ELTE Faculty of Humanities – Film History and Film Theory (Budapest) in 2006, and University of Theatre and Film Arts (Budapest) as a film director in 2013.

    His debut feature, FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON (2014) an unconventional coming of age story, premiered at the Karlovy Vary IFF, became a cult film in Hungary, and was a big success at the box office and on the int’l festival circuit as well (Special Jury Award, Audience Award, Student Jury’s Best Screenplay Award, People Choice Award - Torino Film Festival, 2014; Best Director Award - Sofia IFF, 2015; Bronze Taiga Prize - Khanty-Mansiysk Spirit of Fire IFF, 2015; Main Prize - Vologoda VOICES IFF, 2015; Best Debut Film - Vienna Let s CEE Film Festival, 2015; Special Prize - Cluj-Napoca Comedy Cluj Film Festival, 2015).

    His latest film BAD POEMS (2018), won a Jury Special Mention from the Torino Film Festival, where it premiered after a local release.

    Photo by: Máté Bach

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