Four Hours Barefoot
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    Four Hours Barefoot

    Quatro Horas Descalço

    Directed by

    Portugal, France


    15 min

    • Portuguese


    In a mountain village in the north of Portugal, a murder occurred. A sixteen-year-old boy leaves the house barefoot, under the cold night, towards the forest. For thirty kilometres he walks, up and down the mountain. He has one single thought in his head.


    Sérgio Costa
    Ico Costa
    Vasco Viana
    Ico Costa
    Raúl Costa

    Director's Statement

    This film is inspired by a true story of a parricide occurred in a mountain village in the north of Portugal in 2011. However hideous that murder could be, more than exploring its dimension and outlines, I am interested in the character's subsequent barefooted expedition itself, his steps through the forest as an expiatory sacrifice for his act. As if he had to go through such a suffering in order to face the future that awaited him.

    Ico  Costa

    Ico Costa


    Ico Costa (1983, Portugal) studied at the Portuguese National Film School in Lisbon and the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. In 2011, he was admitted to do post-graduate studies and research at Le Fresnoy research centre in France. He has directed several short films and his work has been shown at many film festivals, including Cannes, Locarno and Rome. His feature debut ALVA (2019) will have its world premiere in Rotterdam.

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