Four Quartets

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    Four Quartets

    Directed by

    United Kingdom


    11 min

    • No dialogue


    He waves his arms in the air while his lithe body soaks up the beat and transfers it to his legs. Raf literally breathes in the music. At the same time he is constantly scanning the room. There is desire and expectation in his gaze, but also anxiety and shyness. Moving to the film’s rhythmic pulse and the intoxicating music in the queer club, we dance with Raf and cast off all inhibitions.


    • Special mention (Youth Jury Generation Kplus) - Berlinale Generation



    Laurie Kynaston
    Mary Antony
    Henry Felix
    Emily Renée
    Selali Fiamanya
    Darren Siah
    Otamere Guobadia
    Holly Styrene
    Marco Alessi
    Will Baldy
    Jo Lewandowska
    Tom Foskett-Barnes
    Bobby Goulder
    Marco Alessi

    Marco Alessi

    United Kingdom

    Marco Alessi is a writer and director based in London.
    His first narrative short, FOUR QUARTETS, screened at festivals around the world. It premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in 2018, before screening at the 69th Berlinale in 2019 where it received the Special Mention from the Crystal Bear Jury. The short received distribution in UK/Ireland on DVD/BluRay/VOD by Peccadillo Pictures as part of their 19th edition of their Boys on Film collection.
    Most recently, Marco directed a narrative short called toni_with_an_i, co-written with Mary Antony, commissioned jointly by the BFI and BBC as part of their Born Digital scheme. It will be broadcast on BBC 4 in Spring 2019.
    Other documentary work includes: MIDWAY, a portrait of a council housing estate in Islington made in collaboration with composer Tom Foskett-Barnes and commissioned by ROLI; LOOK AT ME, an exploration of queer and trans people’s self-representation online, which screened at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival. Marco’s music video work for clients ranging from Universal/Decca to X Factor’s Jack and Joel has amassed over 12 million views online, receiving international press attention from the Sunday Times to Good Morning America to Sunrise (Australia).