From the Balcony

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From the Balcony (Fra balkongen)

Directed by Ole Giæver

  • Norway 2017; 85 min
  • Original version: Norwegian
  • Genre: Docufiction


FROM THE BALCONY takes you on a journey through one year in the life of Ole and his family, living in Brochmannsgate 12A, Oslo, Norway, Europe, Earth, Universe. What if you took a break from the rollercoaster called life and just sat and asked yourself: how did I get here? Was this the place I was supposed to be by now? And how do I keep going, even if I know that at some point the sun will burn out and everything around me will be gone forever?

Director's Statement

I found myself sitting on my balcony in Oslo on a random day in September, lost in some daydream. From up there, I could see my own neighbourhood, I could see the city centre, the fjord, the forest, and the eternity represented by the deep blue sky. I felt so small and insignificant. But when I turned my head around and saw the dust under the sofa, the mess in my home office, my wife sending a text-message and my two children caught up in some game containing plastic dinosaurs, I got back to the reality of my everyday life.

At the same time, I was wondering why I should even bother going inside and insist that my children eat their vegetables when I know that the sun is going to burn out in five billion years. That was the first of many dilemmas I wanted to understand during the process of making FROM THE BALCONY. I gave myself a year to try to understand how I should lead my life, bringing both trivial as well as existential questions into the picture.

I want to invite the audience on an odyssey through time and space, starting from own my balcony. A journey filled with all the absurd, existential, trivial and sentimental thoughts and fantasies I came up with in a year, to see if it’s possible to grasp nothing more than the meaning of life.




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