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    At the same time as she’s developing Selene 66, George, - her other ongoing project - is the story of a young father whose life is turned upside down for a summer. Having divorced from Alice, George dotes madly on his five-year-old daughter Daphne, whom he sees every weekend. Alone and isolated from her family, Alice makes the ultimate decision to leave Athens for Thessaloniki. George and Daphne shall bear the consequences of this decision. George is devastated, and one month later, when he sees his daughter again, Daphne has changed: she prefers her mother now. George is an intimate project where, rather than finding answers, Jacqueline reinvents her own father’s life after this separation and questions fatherhood in the deeply patriarchal Greek society. George is meant to be an impressionistic portrayal of a man losing his self- esteem, and an ode to the 90s that Lentzou loves so much.

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    Jacqueline Lentzou

    Jacqueline Lentzou


    For me, films are like dreams –not the ones we make, but the ones we have. Dark, memorable, tender, intimate, private, striking, open, absurd. A collage of emotions shaped in images and memories transformed into present.

    Jacqueline’s work revolves around atypical family structures and their consequences, transitioning towards adulthood and dreams. Her previous short films were selected at the Berlin and Locarno festivals. HECTOR MALOT: THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR was selected at the 2018 edition of La Semaine de la Critique and won the Leica Cine Discovery Prize for Short Films. The film deals with solitude and abandonment by painting a bitter-sweet portrait of Sofia, a young woman who never seems to fit in. Jacqueline Lentzou presented her second feature project at Next Step 2018, GEORGE, produced by Blonde. She is currently preparing her first feature film, MOON 66 QUESTIONS.

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