Georgi and the Butterflies

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    Georgi and the Butterflies

    Georgi i peperudite

    Directed by

    • Andrey Paounov



    60 min

    • Bulgarian

    Comedy, Documentary

    GEORGI AND THE BUTTERFLIES tells the story of a man and his dream. This man is Dr Georgi Lulchev, a psychiatrist, neurologist, Chinese medicine man, administrator, amateur chef, entrepreneur and Director of the Home for Psychologically Disabled Men. His dream is to organise a farm in the yard of the home, where the patients can raise snails, ostriches and pheasants, produce silk fibres and soybean food.
    This is a story full of optimism, snails, ostriches, silk, charity, the Eastern Orthodox Church, soybean food, schizophrenics, oligophrenics, psychopaths, Western hunters, misery and compassion. Compassion, business, butterflies.


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    • Silver Wolf, IDFA
    • Don Quixote Award, Krakow FF
    • Grand Prize, Mediawave FF
    • Audience Award, Trieste FF


    Dr. Georgi Lulchev
    Andrey Paounov
    Boris Missirkov
    Georgi Bogdanov
    Zoritsa Kotseva
    Ivo Paounov
    Vihren Paounov


    Docu is full of lovely touches; patients (never presented exploitatively) are introduced via their unique eating utensils, and music is marvelously used to suit each section.

    Jay Weissberg, Variety

    Andrey Paounov

    Andrey Paounov


    Usually people tell you all the good things when the camera is off.

    Andrey Paounov is a writer/director best known for his non-fiction films, including GEORGI AND THE BUTTERFLIES (Silver Wolf winner, IDFA 2004), THE MOSQUITO PROBLEM AND OTHER STORIES (Cannes Critics’ Week 2007) and THE BOY WHO WAS A KING (premiered at Toronto International Film Festival). His films have screened at over 150 international film festivals and received more than 40 awards. Andrey’s live action/animation film THREE SISTERS AND ANDREY won the Best German Short Award and the Bulgarian Film Academy Award for Best Animation. WALKING ON WATER (2018) is his latest film.

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