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    9 min

    • French

    Animation, Short

    One morning Gerald wakes up as a woman… The adventures of a man transformed into woman and who discovers a new life in a new body. The film begins with a man waking up to discover that he’s magically turned into a lady! He has no idea how to act feminine but soon makes a female friend who helps him/her. However, she/he soon notices that men are often pigs – as she is quite pretty and men hit on her like dogs chasing after a pork chop! He learns what it’s like to be a lady in our world – in a very funny and ironic way. However, she also learns that being objectified can also be very profitable as well.


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    • Best Undergraduate Film - Ottawa IFF
    • Audience Award - Lyon Court-Toujours Festival
    • Audience Award - Limoges Festiv'Art
    • Audience Award - Festival d'un Jour (Valence)
    • First Film Award, Audience Award - Festival Catelli Animati (Rome)
    • Best Student Film - Festival d'Annecy
    • Clap d'Argent - Festival de Sens



    Camille Serceau
    Anne-Charlotte Guillot
    Arthur de Pins


    Arthur de Pins

    Arthur de Pins


    Arthur de Pins is a French illustrator and comic book author, born in 1977. Before turning to illustration for advertising and media productions, Arthur de Pins began his career with cartoons and has made three short films (including THE CRAB REVOLUTION (which won awards in over fifty festivals), TV pilots (DREW CAREY'S GREEN SCREEN SHOW) and character designs (for the TV show Magic). From his cartoonist background, he keeps the freshness and expressiveness of characters as well as a taste for derision that we can find looming in all of his drawings. His love for creating characters paired with his desire to see them through picaresque circumstances have naturally led Arthur de Pins to thrive in the comic books field through three successful series: the erotic series Péchés Mignons (published by Fluide Glacial), the gloomy and fancy Zombillenium (Dupuis) and the animal fable La Marche du Crabe (Noctambule).

    His film ZOMBILLENIUM, which he co-directed with Alexis Ducord, had a special screening at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

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