Ghost of the Golden Groves

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    Ghost of the Golden Groves

    Directed by



    98 min

    • Bengali


    Derived from the Bengali fantasy tradition, two ghost stories mix here and attack the real through the bizarre and the absurd. There is that of a land surveyor who becomes the prey of a facetious polymorph. And then that of a wandering cook who finds refuge in a dilapidated mansion haunted by the colors of a female spectrum. Be sure, Ghost of the Golden Groves is a true UFO. A cinematic elsewhere in the form of a free creative space where Kaneto Shindo, Apitchatpong Weerasethakul and Rick Alverson (Entertainment) cinemas would meet. Fascinating, intoxicating and more than ever disconcerting.



    Joyraj Bhattacharjee
    Bidyut Das
    Soumyajit Majumdar
    Debleena Sen
    Aniket Dutta
    Roshni Sen
    Basab Mullick
    Nikon Basu
    Aniket Dutta





    Harun-Al-Rashid is comprised of two directors; Roshni Sen and Aniket Dutta. Harun-Al-Rashid is a character from the legendary Arabian Nights who remains always in disguise - the two chose this as their directorial moniker to be a simple teller of stories at the same time create an aura of mystery also reflected in their films. Roshni Sen is a producer based out of Kolkata who has worked on several regional, commercial films such as BHOOTER BHOBISHYOT (2012) and the national award-winning BAKITA BYAKTIGATA (2013). Coming from a background in Liberal Arts with a focus in Sociology, she has always considered cinema to be an extremely powerful tool for historically and culturally exploring various social archetypes as well as for retaining or recreating the status quo.

    Aniket is a filmmaker/singer/songwriter/graphic designer and visual artist based out of Calcutta, India. He's a nephew of notable Indian composer/music director Salil Chowdhury, whose presence in the family gave him the first exposure to film and music. He started music from an early age and his synthpop/indietronica moniker Oh, Rocket has been featured on various platforms including C-HEADS magazine/ ROLLINGSTONE, etc. Being a multidisciplinary artist committed to music, visual art and poetry, cinema seemed to be the obvious choice to explore his diverse passions. Aniket wants to create a new kind of cinema that is explorative of the contemporary dystopian time which he feels is not only limited to the science fiction world but also spills over into our current socio-political system. GHOST OF THE GOLDEN GROVES (2019) is their directorial debut as Harun-Al-Rashid.