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    Directed by

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany


    18 min

    • Serbian

    Drama, Short

    The film was inspired by ‘Engaged Couple from Heaven’, short stories of Mirko Kovač. Like some mantra, these words are an instrument of contemplation, taking us to a new dimension where pursuit for happiness becomes the only way to survive. This film is a remembrance, a zone where time exists in a different way.


    Milena Dravić
    Olga Kolb
    Šejla Kamerić
    Vladimir Trivić
    Timur Makarević
    Roberto Manes
    Srđan Kurpjel
    Sejla Kameric

    Sejla Kameric

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Art is not a goal, but a means of self-identification

    Šejla Kamerić is a Bosnian artist specialized in video art, films, art installations, and book design. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, at the Department of Graphic Design and works on concepts such as adapting Balkan society to capitalism and the process of creation and disintegration of national identities, often telling stories from her own experience as someone who has experienced war in the Balkans. She collaborates with other prestigious artists such as Anri Sala and has been invited to present her project for her first feature at CPH:FORUM. Her first short film, WHAT DO I KNOW, premiered at the 64th Venice Film Festival and circulated over 40 film festivals. Her latest film, 1395 DAYS WITHOUT RED, premiered at Manchester International Festival. Her works have been exhibited throughout Europe, in the USA and in Japan and have been included in some prestigious European collections. KAMERIC received the ECF Routes Princess Margriet Award for Cultural Diversity in 2011. The project AUNTS (in collaboration with Mirjana Karanović, Andrea Štaka and Kim Longinotto) is taking part in Pitching du Réel 2018.

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