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Golden Slumbers

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Golden Slumbers (Le Sommeil d'or)

Directed by Davy Chou

  • France, Cambodia 2011; 97 min
  • Original version: Khmer, French
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Special Mention - Taiwan International Documentary Festival

  • From the director of DIAMOND ISLAND presented at Asian Project Market


A nocturnal drive along a rural highway into a city at dawn that is somehow moving in the wrong direction. It is only after a while that you notice that the vehicles are travelling backwards, receding back into the dusk of reality. This mysterious metaphor forms the starting point for a journey into the unknown history of Cambodian film. Nearly 400 films were made in Phnom Penh between 1960 and 1975, only 30 of which survive today. The Khmer Rouge burnt them or allowed them to decay along with many of the country’s studios and cinemas. Most of those involved in the film industry became victims of the genocide.



    Jacky Goldberg 

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    Daniela Elstner