Good Day′s Work

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Good Day′s Work (Dobar dan za posao)

Directed by Martin Turk

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Slovenia 2018; 76 min
  • Original version: Bosnian
  • Genre: Drama

  • Sarajevo IFF


Good-natured family man Armin witnesses a car accident on his way to a long-awaited job interview. A police statement forces him to miss a shot at a new job. He receives another offer, though, which pulls him out of his despair as he now has a chance to support his family. However, he witnesses corruption in the workplace that leads to an unfair proposition: join on the condition he gives up a portion of his wages. Armin, hoping that owner corrects the misdeeds by employees, reports this only to get fired. Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife and son, he begs the man who took the job he missed to give it up for him. Reminiscent of the Korean writer Hyun Jin-geon’s A Lucky Day, Armin’s day develops into a worst-case scenario that began with an unexpected incident. The filmmaker warmly observes the reality that good and sincere people must bear and its disruption when cornered, ultimately supporting the lives of ordinary people by saying there is hope and that life is worth living.



    Altijana Maric