Good Posture

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Good Posture

Directed by Dolly Wells

  • United Kingdom, USA 2019; 91 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy


Recent film school graduate Lilian comes to New York to move in with her boyfriend Nate. Fed up with her sense of entitlement, lack of drive and reliance on an absentee father who’s own self-obsession mirrors her own, Nate quickly breaks up with her, leaving her desperate for a new home. Enter Julia Price, a renowned and reclusive writer who accommodates Lilian with a small room in her perfectly appointed Brooklyn brownstone. Expecting cooking and cleaning in exchange for the accommodations, Julia and Lillian are an instant clash of personalities. Instead of fighting in person, they begin a daily ritual of passive aggressive but canny note writing that, slowly but surely, edges them nearer to understanding.




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    James Norrie