Habitat - Personal Notes

Not available for screening anymore

Habitat - Personal Notes (Habitat - Note personali)

Directed by Emiliano Dante

  • Italy 2014; 55 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary


HABITAT is a film about living in L’Aquila after the earthquake – therefore about the earthquake as everyday life and not as breaking news. It’s the story of three tent mates in one of the 2009 tent-camps. One, Alessio, was a squatter and became a real estate agent; the second, Paolo, owned apartments in the very center of the town and now, while he’s got nothing to rent anymore, he’s become a painter. Alessio lives with Gemma in a settlement totally destroyed by the earthquake; Paolo is about to become a father in a very unstable situation. The third tent mate is Emiliano, the director of the movie. He makes a documentary while experiencing the alienating reality of the C.A.S.E. settlements, the house built for the homeless by the Berlusconi Government after the earthquake. He faces with their being “non places”, places without identity, far from the town as well from the history and the culture of the place.

Director's Statement

HABITAT is a movie about relationships over time; relationships between people, and between people and places. Universal themes which assume particular connotations in L'Aquila: among the rubble, the past is further away, more visible and more useless. And among the CASE settlements, new prefabricated housings made by Berlusconi in the middle of nothing and already falling apart, the present is more present: it has no yesterday and it has no tomorrow.