Halal Love (and Sex)

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    Halal Love (and Sex)

    Directed by

    Germany, Lebanon


    95 min

    • Arabic

    Comedy drama

    A couple in love or actually divorced, a husband and children who ask too much of one woman, and two girls who worry about where children come from. Four stories in this tragicomedy about Muslim men and women who all try to reconcile their love lives (and sex lives) with the dogmas of Islam.



    Darine Hamze
    Rodrigue Sleiman
    Zeinab Khadra
    Hussein Mokaddem
    Mirna Moukarzel
    Ali Sammoury
    Fadia Abi Chahine
    Lutz Reitemeier
    Nadia Ben Rachid
    Amine Bouhafa


    A brightly assembled, pleasantly diverting farce.

    Alissa Simon, Variety

    Suffice it to say that trying to get one’s love life together under sharia law is no picnic, especially for the women who are the film's central characters and victims.

    Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

    A light, joyful film about love and its many, messy forms.

    Fionnuala Halligan, Screen Daily

    More than just religion and tradition, the havoc that family, money and expectation reek on relationships is explored — this is a portrait of everyday lives, polarised for comic affect, but affecting and insightful nonetheless.

    Rob Garratt, The National

    Assad Fouladkar

    Assad Fouladkar


    Fouladkar was born in Lebanon, studied filmmaking at Boston University in the US, and lived for a few years in Australia before returning to Lebanon, where he taught audio visual courses for years at the Lebanese American University. His thesis short film GOD HAVE MERCY won 13 international awards and was a finalist at the Oscar competition for Best Student Film. In Lebanon, Assad presented a weekly radio program on cinema and wrote critiques in a national daily newspaper, in addition to directing some corporate videos and two television series before he shot his award winning first feature film WHEN MARYAM SPOKE OUT that won major film awards in the Arab world, Europe and the United States. The film was Lebanon’s official entry to the Academy Awards. In the last few years, Assad lived in Egypt directing what has become the most successful Arab sitcom A man and six ladies doing eight seasons. THE CEDAR TREE, a feature script written by Assad was selected to The Sundance Screenwriters’ lab in the US. The treatment of HALAL LOVE (BIL HALAL) was selected to Open Doors in Locarno Film Festival.