Not available for screening anymore


Directed by Martine Doyen

  • Belgium 2017; 71 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Experimental


A phenomenon of collective hysteria, a dancing mania similar to that seen in 1564 in Molenbeek, has started in the Marolles. The ‘contaminated’ people gather in the streets to dance frenetically. They have nothing in common, except to have have witnessed, from near or far, a terrorist attack.

Director's Statement

This is alternative cinema :poor but free. HAMSTERs has been shot with a very small camera, a computer and very limited ressources. This means no technical crew on the set, just me and the actors…HAMSTERs could not have been made differently ; its creation process, very open and based on improvisation in every level, was incompatible with the ways of film industry. In 2009, four years after the production of my first feature film KOMMA, I was just writing scripts and feeling too frustrated. As in my beginnings, I’ve started a movie with just nothing: only ideas, actors, some places, a small camera and a computer. With the time, this improvised work became TOMORROW, an experimental feature about Procrastination… The experience was so interesting that I continued wit HAMSTERs. Next spring, I finally direct my next feature film NO FUN with a professionnal crew… A painter paints, a musician plays music, a sculptor sculpts. This means me, I should be filming, right? No matter how, whatever the budget, or even the material.



    Martine Doyen