Han Gong-Ju

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Han Gong-Ju

Directed by Lee Sujin

  • South Korea 2013; 112 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama
    • Tiger Award - IFF Rotterdam
    • Golden Star - Marrakech IFF
    • Jury Prize, Critic's Prize, Audience Award - Deauville Asian FF
    • British Film Institute Certificate - Giffoni FF

  • Busan IFF


After an incident, a Korean teenage girl is transferred to another school, where she stays with the mother of her new teacher. She makes friends and is asked to join an a cappella choir. But the past will not leave her in peace.
As a victim, how do you come to terms with a traumatic event if the whole world seems to blame you for it? That’s the question facing 17-year-old Han Gong-Ju. After an incident in the small Korean village where she grew up, she is banished; sent to the large port of Incheon. Here, the viewer becomes acquainted with Gong-Ju: lonely, isolated. She shyly seeks solace with the grumpy old woman who has taken her into her home, for instance by working for her in her small supermarket. At school, she slowly allows her classmate Eun-Hee to make friends with her, and she allows herself to be enrolled in the local a cappella singing group with apparent reluctance. But everything is coloured by that incident in the past that remains shrouded in mist for the viewer for a long time.




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