Hands in Pocket

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    Hands in Pocket

    Me duar në xhepa

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    19 min

    • Albanian


    A divorced and unemployed middle-aged pianist, Oliver lives by himself in a small, modest studio, pushing through life even as he faces impossible financial challenges. On a day like any other, on his way to a job interview, Oliver witnesses a minute and clever pickpocket at work on a bus. He is mesmerized by the thief and can’t take his eyes off him, to learn how he does it. As his financial situation worsens, Oliver becomes the perfect copy of the pickpocket he met on the bus.



    Neritan Liçaj
    Xhelal Tafaj
    Pëllumb Dervishi
    Mimoza Marajnaku
    Erjon Hinaj
    Robert Budina
    Arbies Konomi
    Ermela Ruri
    Viola Koja
    Sebina Matlija
    Xhulia Musagalliu
    Donald Braho
    Gerta Kordalli
    Lulzim Hoxha
    Ergys Zhabjaku
    Ergys Meta
    Shpëtim Baça
    Ergys Meta
    Ergys Meta

    Ergys Meta


    Ergys Meta is known for the retrieval of neo-noir sub-genres in Albania.Born in Shkodër in 1985 July 5th. Since the early age, he had an influence from his father as a fan of Spaghetti Western and Spaghetti Noir movies.

    Georges Simenon, Mikey Spillane, Jim Thomson, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, from where evolved his vision for the dark genre. A more profound philosophic approach with anti-hero he took from Dostoevsky, mentioning his main influences as "Notes from Underground" and "Crime and Punishment".

    In Bologna he continued the studies per Cinematography Critic at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Lettere e Filosofia corso DAMS cinema mediologico. In Bologna in 2003 independently tried to direct his first short film (CIAK MOVIE (2003)) where he will introduce all his cinematic influences. This was his first noir experiment. In the same year, he came back to his birth town to direct on the villages the documentary regarding to cannabis of the north of Albania, GREEN TRAFFIC (2004).

    Ergys during the Academy years had a recognition and appreciation from the cinematic community in Tirana, where immediately after finishing the academy won three projects at the Albanian National Center of Cinematography. DOG KILLERS (2015), HANDS IN POCKET (2018) and ONE OF US, which is his first feature movie. During his creativity he won three cinematic awards.

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