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    France, Switzerland


    60 min

    • French


    A village nestling in the middle of a snowy expanse. In a crowded hall, some musicians are warming up. Cacophony. The conductor calls for silence. On a river bank at dawn, an old man is fishing alone, alert. Nearby, a band of Indians are marching to music for the carnival. A young hunter stalks her prey on the edge of a forest, while in his bedroom, a teenager struggles with his tie to the deafening sound of symphonic heavy metal rock. Between community and moments of solitude, through a series of lively Friday evening rehearsals and the interminable official ceremonies, L’Harmonie takes us to the heart of this colorful community in search of harmony.



    L’harmonie municipale de Pontarlier
    Blaise Harrison
    Blaise Harrison
    Gwénola Héaulme
    Rhys Chatham
    Blaise  Harrison

    Blaise Harrison


    I wanted the [PARTICLES] beginning to look like a perfectly normal story of adolescence, until a deregulation of everyday life slowly establishes itself and lets the film enter a much more cerebral, worrying, disquieting dimension, with the apparition of fantastical phenomena that become more and more important as the film goes on.

    Born in 1980 and having the dual nationality French-Swiss, Blaise Harrison graduated from the l’École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2003. After his first short film BIBELESKAES (2006), co-directed with Maryam Goormaghtigh and selected at the Visions du Réel festival in Nyon, Blaise Harrison directs 12 shorts for the documentary review Cut Up for ARTE France (Quark productions). He then directs SUMMER GROWING UP (2011) as part of a collection of first documentaries for ARTE France. This film was selected in 2011 at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, as well as in many festivals abroad, including the Dei Popoli Festival in Florence where it received the Best Documentary Award. In 2013, he directs a new documentary for ARTE France and RTS: HARMONY (2013), a French-Swiss co-production selected at the Locarno Film Festival. This film receives in 2015 an Étoile de la SCAM. In 2016, Blaise Harrison is part of the list of the «100 figures making French-speaking Switzerland» published by the weekly magazine L’Hebdo, while his films are regularly subject of special screenings (Mois du film documentaire, High School students and apprentices in cinema, etc...). In 2017, Blaise Harrison wins the Fondation Gan pour le Cinéma with his feature film project PARTICLES (2019), selected at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes in 2019. Alongside his activity as a director, Blaise Harrison regularly works as a cinematographer.

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