Hassel - Privatspanarna

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    Hassel - Privatspanarna

    Roland Hassel

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    74 min

    • Swedish


    How can a film deal with the unsolved murder of Olof Palme in a documentary way? An event, about which we mostly know what we don't know? The answer is: Hassel! The now retired detective Roland Hassel is still involved in the investigation of Sweden's biggest murder mystery. But it is not only Hassel's many wrinkles that bear witness to how far back in time the murder is. The despondency of the ageing detective's eyes also reminds us that the murder of the prime minister in 1986 is still an open wound in the Swedish collective consciousness. A murder, which Hassel now makes one final attempt to solve with the help of his not always equally competent assistants. Each detail is turned upside down, each possibility reconsidered. By introducing a "real" but fictional (!) character known from TV in the reconstruction of a very real murder, Månsson's film is just as much a reflection about the methods and limitations of documentarism. And with its washed-out VHS look, ROLAND HASSEL emphasises just how far the recent past really is. A both serious and very funny take on an extended form of reflexive, historical documentarism by one of Swedish film's greatest young talents.


    Lars-Erik Berenett
     Mats Stoltz
     Nils-Anders Ekberg
     Anders Khemi
     Claes-Håkan Carlsson
     Micke Frisell
     Täppas Fogelberg
     Toni Otti
     Ola Söderström
     Göran Lambertz
     Roland Eriksson
     Paul Fried
     Arne Malmgren
     Anders Hörberg
     Karl Leifland
     Johannes Gustavson
     Peter Söderlund
     Hasse Lindqvist
     Torbjörn Klartell
     Hasse Johansson
     Sven Anér
    Måns Månsson
    Måns Månsson
    Måns Månsson

    Måns Månsson


    "I follow Viktor Kossakovsky's mantra 'too many good films out there…we better start making some great ones.'"

    Måns Månsson (1982) holds an MFA from the Royal College of Art in Stockholm. His award-winning films have been screened CPH:DOX, IFF Rotterdam, Göteborg FF and Tribeca FF. He is a three-time Swedish National Film Award (Guldbaggen) nominee and is a voting member of the European Film Academy.

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