He Whose Face Gives No Light
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    He Whose Face Gives No Light

    Aquel cuyo rostro no irradie luz

    Directed by

    Canada, Mexico


    40 min

    • Spanish

    Documentary, Short

    During a film shoot in a shabby bar in Mexico under-occupied old extras wait around and confide in each other between shots.


    Nicolas Pereda
    Andrea Bussmann
    Manuel Ponce
    Andrea Bussmann

    Andrea Bussmann


    Sometimes we carefully arrange things in the frame, sometimes we film people, things and places just as we find them. Sometimes it's a mix. In all cases we are completely aware of our subjectivity. The screen is not a window to reality, it's an interpretation of reality.

    Born in Toronto, Canada, Andrea Bussmann earned a Master’s in social anthropology and a Master’s of Fine Arts in film production. After completing her degrees, she directed her first short, HE WHOSE FACE GIVES NO LIGHT, in 2011. In 2016, she co-directed with Nicolás Pereda TALES OF TWO WHO DREAMT, which premiered at the Berlinale. Her latest, FAUST (2018), screened in the Cineasti del presente competition at Locarno and was her feature-length solo debut.

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