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Heatwave (Coup de Chaud)

Directed by Raphaël Jacoulot

  • Belgium, France 2015; 102 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Crime
    • Best Actor (Karim Leklou), Audience Award - Torino FF


A freak summer, the kind that remains in the collective memory, when the heat could destroy an entire harvest. This is what batters a village in the French countryside and makes the asphalt sizzle, the fields burn and the inhabitants gasp for air. The heatwave is stifling, it makes tension rise and feeds discontent. Toward one person in particular, a rather slow-witted young man who has a talent for creating problems. After all, it’s his fault if things are going bad at the village. Maybe it would be better if he were gone. And when his corpse is found, it’s clear that someone has turned words into action.

Director's Statement

It’s the first time that I begin with such documentary material. This unusual episode, which happened in the region where I was born, moved something inside me. I was struck by the fact that citizens who are no better or worse than others, in a particular moment in their lives, could have found relief through the violent death of one of them, who was held responsible somehow for their suffering. I wanted to talk about our world, our society; a sick society that continuously tries to put the blame on someone.




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