Helmet Heads

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    Helmet Heads

    Cascos Indomables

    Directed by

    Costa Rica, Chile


    84 min

    • Spanish

    Comedy, Drama

    Mancha is an easygoing bike messenger with no big expectations in life. His only cares in the world are riding his motorcycle, being with his girlfriend Clara, and hanging out with his fellow messengers. His carefree existence is disrupted one day when they all get fired and Clara announces that she is moving to Horse Island — a place that doesn’t allow any motorcycles. Faced with no other job prospects, Mancha forms a debt-collecting biker gang with his messenger buddies to try and preserve his way of life and win Clara back.



    Arturo Pardo
    Daniela Mora
    Harvey Monestel
    Charly Mora
    Gabriel Rojas
    William Quirós
    Janko Navarro
    Neto Villalobos
    Nicolás Wong
    Andrea Chignoli
    Neto Villalobos
    Pablo Rojas
    Adrián Poveda

    Director's Statement

    HELMET HEADS seeks to approach a social group that hasn't been studied that much in my country, the motorcycle messengers. I want to portray how some of them are individuals who do not adapt to a conventional work and office lifestyle but who seek, by doing their job, the freedom that is felt when driving a motorcycle. They are accustomed to short encounters in places that are ignored by the typical person, from street corners to alleyways to underneath bridges. Usually, they are not organized in groups, but there is a sense of solidarity that they all share.
    I feel a deep connection with these grown-up men that tend to act like kids, killing time with each other and embracing the freedom of roaming the city that they see as their own. Through their everyday social interactions and the absurd and sometime, I try to capture both the comedy and the heart of these messengers.

    Neto Villalobos

    Neto Villalobos

    Costa Rica

    Neto Villalobos was born in San José, Costa Rica. He graduated in Sociology from the University of Costa Rica, and Film Direction in Barcelona. He has participated in “How to Tell a Story?” by Gabriel García Márquez, XL Rotterdam Lab and Berlinale and Buenos Aires Talent Campus. His first feature ALL ABOUT FEATHERS was premiered in Toronto, San Sebastian, Buenos Aires, Rotterdam, Miami, San Francisco, Toulouse, Vancouver, Stockholm, Havana, Frankfurt, Sydney and won Best Central American Film and Best Director in Guatemala and Best Script in Colombia. LEBANON FACTORY, his most recent short film, was part of The Factory, opening the Director's Fortnight at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. He is currently working on JAMON, an experimental documentary supported by Tribeca Film Institute. HELMET HEADS is his 2nd feature film that was part of Cannes Cinéfondation Residence, 3 Puertos, Paris Coproduction Village, Locarno Filmmakers Academy, Produire au Sud and Toulouse, where it won the Cinema Development – BrLab Award.

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