Hill of Freedom

Not available for screening anymore

Hill of Freedom (Jayueui onduk)

Directed by Sang-soo Hong

  • South Korea 2014; 66 min
  • Original version: English, Korean
  • Genre: Drama

  • Toronto IFF - Masters


Kwon, a language school instructor, stops by her old workplace and receives a thick envelope addressed to her. A Japanese instructor named Mori had proposed to her two years ago. She turned him down. Mori had immediately gone back to Japan, but now was back in Korea looking for her. The envelope enclosed letters he had written to her during his search through Seoul. After Kwon finishes the first letter in the lobby, she grows faint coming down the staircase and drops the letters. She gathers them off the floor and sees there are no dates on the letters. She now has no way of knowing the order in which they were written.

Director's Statement

These were my initial thoughts: a woman receives letters from a man from her past. A man she remains undecided about. The thick envelope contains number of undated letters written in diary format. The startled woman fumbles with the letters, messing up their sequential order by mistake. How does this affect the significance of the content she will be reading? Can this disorder of sequence work to lessen the woman’s shock when reading the man’s letters?




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