History Made from People

Not available for screening anymore

History Made from People (De gente se fez história)

Directed by Inês Pinto Vila Cova

  • Portugal 2017; 18 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Drama
    • IPDJ Prize, Smiling Prize, Agência da Curta Metragem Prize, Restart Prize - Curtas Vila do Conde


Made from a VHS collection of amateur archival footage, this film by Inês Vila Cova is a response to a letter written by her recently deceased grandfather, who asked her to "not let the clock in the hall stop." Therefore, "De gente se fez história" is a film against oblivion, through memory, made of records and family affections that are also the history of the Caxinas community.



    Inês Pinto Vila Cova