Home Care

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Home Care (Domácí péče)

Directed by Slávek Horák

  • Czech Republic, Slovak Republic 2015; 92 min
  • Original version: Czech
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Actress (Alena Mihulová) - Karlovy Vary IFF
    • Young Jury Award - Seminci
    • Special Mention (Best Director) - Arras IFF
    • FIPRESCI Prize for Best Actress in a Foreign Language Film - Palm Springs IFF

  • Czech submission for the Academy Awards


Everyone knows that life is short, but each of us comes to grips with life's actual limits in our own and often unexpected way.
Dedicated home care nurse Vlasta attends her whimsical patients in Czech wine country and lives for her husband Lada and her daughter, but one day things change and Vlasta is forced to reach outside of her comfort zone. Drama and gentle humor intertwine as Vlasta realizes, for the first time in her life, that she might need some care, too.

Director's Statement

I wanted to create an emotional story with funny elements, a story that will remind viewers about their mortality in order to better care for their close ones. My mother worked as a home care nurse for many years and she told me many inspiring stories, giving me a lot of insight.



    Slavek Horak 

International Sales


    Torsten Schulze