Home of the Resistance

Not available for screening anymore

Home of the Resistance (Dom Boraca)

Directed by Ivan Ramljak

  • Croatia 2018; 49 min
  • Original version: Croatian
  • Genre: Documentary


In 1974 communist authorities built the so-called ‘Memorial Home for WWII Resistance Fighters and Youth of Yugoslavia’ in Kumrovec, a tiny rural hometown of the legendary president Marshal Tito. In 1991, when Yugoslavia collapsed 11 years after Tito’s death and the Croatian War of Independence started, the Memorial Home was closed, and it remained closed until today. Several attempts to repurpose the building have failed. Still, some fighters remain...

Director's Statement

Croatia is one of the post-communist countries who is trying hard to erase it’s recent past. This film is one small attempt to oppose to that idea.



    Tibor Keser