Home of the Resistance

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    Home of the Resistance

    Dom Boraca

    Directed by



    49 min

    • Croatian


    In 1974 communist authorities built the so-called ‘Memorial Home for WWII Resistance Fighters and Youth of Yugoslavia’ in Kumrovec, a tiny rural hometown of the legendary president Marshal Tito. In 1991, when Yugoslavia collapsed 11 years after Tito’s death and the Croatian War of Independence started, the Memorial Home was closed, and it remained closed until today. Several attempts to repurpose the building have failed. Still, some fighters remain...



    Ivan Ramljak
    Jurica Marković
    Ivor Šonje

    Director's Statement

    Croatia is one of the post-communist countries who is trying hard to erase it’s recent past. This film is one small attempt to oppose to that idea.

    Ivan Ramljak

    Ivan Ramljak


    Ivan Ramljak (born 1974) is a film critic, director and independent curator. He currently curates a short film program called SHORT TUESDAY at cinema Tuškanac in Zagreb. So far, he has directed nine short films, four fiction ones in collaboration with Marko Škobalj, four documentaries and an experimental film. His most successful film so far was ICELANDS OF FORGOTTEN CINEMAS; which was screened on more than 25 international festivals, and won 6 awards, including the FIPRESCI prize for Best Eastern European documentary at goEast FF in Wiesbaden. In 2016 he enrolled the master study of documentary directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. HOME OF THE RESISTANCE is his first medium length film.