Homo Botanicus

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    Homo Botanicus

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    85 min

    • Spanish


    Fifteen years after giving up his studies as a botanist, the filmmaker decides to visit his old professor — Julio Betancur — and returns to the tropical forests of Colombia with Julio and his new disciple, the young Cristian Castro. This reunion launches a voyage that immerses us in doubts over science and the way we see the world, as Julio and Cristian look for their beloved plants in remote forests. Through their work, the film shows us the importance of legacies, and the strength of that ancient bond between master and disciple. Their search also prompts a personal reflection on modern man’s obsession with controlling and mapping nature. In the diverse and nearly infinite world of the tropics, what is the point of counting plants forever?


    • Best International Documentary - Torino FF


    Guillermo Quintero

    Guillermo Quintero


    Guillermo Quintero is a Colombian documentary filmmaker and a Latin American cinema producer. He has worked as a camera correspondent for RCN and NTN24 in France, reporting occasionally from Italy, Switzerland and Germany. He has, for the past six years, been a member of the El Perro que Ladra association, which promotes Colombian and Latin American cinema in France and Colombia. He was a curator and a debates manager for each of the Panorama de Cine Colombiano film festivals in Paris and has worked as a consultant for France 5 (French educational TV) and Señal Colombia. He helped design Cinescuela, a film distribution platform for schools, which won the Colombian Cinematographic Foundation’s Distribution Award in 2014. He currently lives and works in Colombia.