Hotel Royal Co

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    Hotel Royal Co

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    11 min

    • English
    • Japanese


    After a long flight, Almar Takahashi lands on the Costa del Sol, it isn't the first time she has stayed in decadent hotels. There she meets a sort of Norman Bates receptionist and a vampire who has been hiding in hotels in Torremolinos for years.


    • Jury Prize - Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT de Madrid



    Almar G. Sato
    Marga Bellido
    Irene González
    Agustín Cascón
    Paula Villegas
    Rakesh B. Narwani 
    Karlos Aguilar
    Rakesh B. Narwani y Paula Villegas
    Manuel Álvarez Maciste
    Andrés Eloy Blanco Guzmán / Tiny Music /
    Paula Villegas

    Paula Villegas


    Paula Villegas is a Venezuelan filmmaker who graduated from Cuenca University with a strong engagement for video art and experimental cinema. In 2017, she made her debut as a director and presents her first short film, HOTEL ROYAL CO, with a strong feminist engagement and a photography look pretty close to fashion film style. Nowadays, she is developing two self-biographical documentary projects. The first one about her family, telling the story about her childhood in Venezuela and another one consisting on following a crossdressing character with a femenine alter ego, which makes her feel empathetic with her own conflicts as a Latin American creator woman judged by the system.

    Rakesh B. Narwani

    Rakesh B. Narwani


    Rakesh B. Narwani is a filmmaker and writer with indian origins. He studies Audiovisual Communication in Malaga University, completing his studies in Parma (Italy) and New York (USA). He directed HOSPITAL CROMATICO (2015) and ONE NIGHT IN THE ENDEAVOUR (2017). The first received a special mention from the jury and the second one the GRANTS FOR CREATORS that gives every year Malaga Spanish Film Festival. This year he directs the short film HOTEL ROYAL CO and keeps shooting the auto-biographical documentary MY PARENTS' BAZAR, which tells the story of this legendary bazar in Malaga and the responsibility that he will carry on his shoulders because of the retirement of his parents. The short BLACK BASS (2019) is his latest work.

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