How Glorious It Is to Be a Human Being

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How Glorious It Is to Be a Human Being

Directed by Mili Pecherer

  • France 2018; 53 min
  • Original version: French, English
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special Mention (French Competition), Special Mention (First Film and Cnap Jury) - FID Marseille


On the vast and empty roads along the Pyrenees, Two women are marching on a blind pilgrimage. One is carrying an unborn child in her belly, The other a huge inflatable haemorrhoid on her back. They meet a mute donkey with an open gaze. Can he teach them how to be? Is Wednesday their lucky day? Is failure just a springboard toward success? Are they on the path to massive reassurance or just to a dead end? A meditation on worries and the impossibility of living without them.

Director's Statement

Why go on a pilgrimage? Precisely because “out there” human life is not organized by an economy founded in representation. “Out there” the lily blooms and the bird takes wing wholly in the instant itself, in the joyous upsurge of being, without fashioning any abstract, comparative terms within which to live.



    Natalia Trebik