I Am Not a Witch

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After a minor incident in her village, 9-year-old Shula is exiled to a travelling witch camp where she is told that if she tries to escape she will be transformed into a white goat. As she navigates through her new life, she must decide whether to accept her fate or risk the consequences of seeking freedom.

Director's Statement

I am uninterested in showing the motives that people have in using children for witchcraft. I am also avoiding a modern day cautionary tale of people who are subjugated and victimized by their family or friends. I want to deliberately sidestep the politics or the potential earnestness and take it away from the puffery.

Instead I am interested in telling a story from a child’s perspective so that we are forced to ask questions rather than provide answers. My aim is to provoke a feeling of empathy rather than one of sympathy. I want to explore characters that are going against the status quo, but secretly and desperately trying to belong to it.






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    Grégoire Melin