I Made You, I Kill You

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I Made You, I Kill You

Directed by Alexandru Petru Bădeliță

  • France 2016; 14 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Experimental, Docufiction, Animation


In a mix of video, animation, photographs, children’s drawings, music and voice-overs, we hear the story of a childhood in Romania. Marred by alcoholism, threats, domestic violence and frequent funerals, it was by no means a happy one. In vibrant images, filmmaker Alexandru Petru Badelita criticizes the country he grew up in, and in particular the drab village where he spent his youth.

Director's Statement

I think that this film is necessary for me, in this moment of my life. I have always been ashamed to talk about my childhood and I think that this caused me a lot of sadness. As a child, I would dream about an American movie star who would come and take me away from the hell I was living in. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who had this dream. In my case, doing art and making films became my way of dealing with trauma. I also made this film for the people who don’t dare to talk about their childhood maltreatment.




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