I, of Whom I Know Nothing

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    I, of Whom I Know Nothing

    Yo, de quien no sé nada

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    John Calder, Samuel Beckett's British publisher, moved to Montreuil, a town to the east of Paris, when he withdrew from business. Settled in the offices and basement of a building built after the war, Calder seems to be living in a state of destitution, except for some shelters filled with books. This is where young Mexican director Pablo Sigg filmed him, as well as in London, where Calder met with Billie Whitelaw, the muse, so to speak, of Beckett's stage work, who is now relegated to a nursing home for actors. But no big revelation is to be expected, Sigg isn't carrying out an investigation. He merely observes places and bodies, in a present-day which seems to be drawing the blurred outlines of internal limbo. Clearly, Sigg gives a portrait of these protagonists as if they were stepping right off the pages of the Irish writer: a great strength hidden in a weariness bordering on drowsiness, a resolve never to assert anything, an involuntary humour, and plenty of room left for the passing of time. No secret is to be disclosed about literature here, except maybe an enigmatic kinship with the hazy image of a vinyl record playing Schubert's "Winterreise", one of Beckett's favourites.


    • Special Mention (International Competition) - FIDMarseille
    • Special Mention (Ahora México) - FICUNAM



    Pablo Sigg
    Pablo Sigg
    Pablo Sigg
    Carlos Chávez
    Franz Schubert


    A documentary so obsessed with Samuel Beckett and his ghostly posthumous absence that it’s tried to mimic his self-reflexive formal experimentation.

    Michael Pattison, Grolsch

    Pablo Sigg

    Pablo Sigg


    Pablo Sigg (1974, Mexico) is an author and filmmaker. He is known for his long research process in making a film or a book. The project for his feature film THE WILL TO POWER began in 2009 and was completed in early 2013. It was screened at IFF Rotterdam, Ottaway Film Center, Cinémathèque Québécoise, New Museum of Contemporary Art NY, Lima Independiente Festival de Cine, University of the Arts London, Cinema Zuid Antwerp. In 2014 he finished and premiered his second feature film, I, OF WHOM I KNOW NOTHING, filmed during 2012 and 2013 in the Montreuil office and basement that 86-year-old John Calder–Samuel Beckett's London publisher, close friend and collaborator– uses as a home today.

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