I Stay with You

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I Stay with You (Me quedo contigo)

Directed by Artemio Narro

  • Mexico 2015; 99 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Horror, Comedy

  • IFF Rotterdam


It all starts off lightly enough, with Spanish Natalia arriving in Mexico to visit her boyfriend. But don't get too comfortable: when she and a group of wild chicks meet an unsuspecting cowboy, the film takes a dark turn. A shocking commentary on violence in Mexico, in which the male and female roles are reversed. Giggling girls who secretly feed a macho man Viagra might sound pretty funny. But is it really? Spanish Natalia arrives in Mexico following an invitation from her boyfriend Esteban (played by Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN star Diego Luna). But it turns out he has left town on a job. His female friends pick Natalia up, dragging her along in their wild lifestyle. I STAY WITH YOU starts out as an innocent comedy with rich girls having carefree fun. Gradually, however, the film undergoes a transformation, ending in dark sadism. Artist Artemio Narro has made a number of installations and videos on the subject of violence. His first fiction feature is not only a commentary on the ever-present violence in Mexico, but also on how we see violence. The changing tone of the film and an ingenious turnaround in the battle of the sexes makes this film a confrontational experience.








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