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    France, Mexico


    53 min

    • No dialogue


    Jihlava IDFF

    Thirty years have passed since Marcel left Spain to escape military service. He relocated in the heart of the Costa Rican forest. A naked man living among the howling monkeys, in the shadow of a mythological creature. He practices Ayahuasca rituals, frequently in the company of young travellers looking for a mystical experience.




    Pedro González-Rubio delivers another film about the existencial relationship between the human being and nature, through the sensorial absence of dialogues and the beauty of the images.

    Revista Código

    Pedro González Rubio

    Pedro González Rubio


    As a cinematographer and a director, I am interested in what the images have to say rather than the dialogue. I want to know what the images mean.

    Born in 1976 in Mexico, Pedro González-Rubio studied media in Mexico City before attending the London Film School. In 2005 he co-directed TORO NEGRO with Carlos Armella, a documentary rewarded the same year with the Horizontes Award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. His solo directorial debut ALAMAR (2009) was awarded more than 15 prizes worldwide including the VPRO Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. INORI (2012) was awarded Golden Leopard at FF Locarno (Filmmakers of the Present). His latest film is ICAROS (2014) has been selected in more than 10 film festivals, including Visions du Réel, Riviera Maya FF, Jihlava DFF and FICUNAM. His latest film ANTIGONE was selected at FICUNAM 2018.

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